Tech Company: Distribution Channels That Work


Software distribution, or distribution channels, are essential for tech companies looking to reach customers and increase their presence in the marketplace. The type of channel and methods used for distribution can depend on the company’s goals and whether their primary focus is on lead generation or customer acquisition. This article will explore different software distribution channels and methods that work best for tech companies, such as IBM and Oracle, as well as lead generation tactics used by larger tech companies.

The most common channel for software distribution is through direct sales. This involves the company selling their software directly to customers either through their own website or a third party retailer. This method is often used by large tech companies like IBM and Oracle, as they typically have the resources to manage their own sales channels and control the customer’s experience. Direct sales also enables tech companies to track customer behaviour and adjust their offering accordingly.

Another popular channel for software distribution is through partner and reseller networks. This involves partnering with third party companies and allowing them to resell their software. This is beneficial for tech companies as it allows them to leverage existing networks and scale quickly. In addition, it allows them to maintain some control over the customer’s experience. For example, Oracle and IBM partner with resellers who specialize in their respective products, giving them access to a larger customer base and more resources for distribution.

In addition to direct sales and partner/reseller networks, large tech companies also use lead generation methods in order to acquire customers. These methods include email marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and content marketing. These tactics are often used to generate interest in the company’s products and services and to drive leads to their website. For example, IBM and Oracle use email marketing to provide customers with regular updates and special offers, while search engine optimization ensures customers can find them easily.

Overall, there are a variety of software distribution channels and strategies that tech companies can use to reach their customers. From direct sales to reseller networks, IBM and Oracle use a combination of strategies to reach potential customers. Lead generation tactics such as email marketing, SEO, and content marketing are also employed to generate interest and drive leads to the company. By leveraging these distribution methods, tech companies can increase their presence in the marketplace and gain a competitive advantage.

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